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Thread: unable to initionlize FAT subsystem

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    Exclamation unable to initionlize FAT subsystem

    Hey, I need some help here. I've installed the homebrew browser and started up the homebrew channel then went into HBB, but then it gives me an error saying something about "unable to initionlize FAT subsystem, exiting." then something about the sd card might not be inserted right, but it is. I'd really appreciate some help

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    bump, no one knows whats wrong? D:
    Im using a Kingston Class 4 4gb SDHC SD card

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    yea i switched from a 2gb card to a 4gb card formatted in fat several times becuase of this aslo useing a kingston card.. i can get my other aps to run but no hbc browser...if i can fig this out b4 you i will let you know. does your menu drop out also to a blank channel "with bubbles screen" too?

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    ok found out anything higher then a 2gb kingston card will not function with home brew browser.
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    I had been running geexbox via the hbc on a kingston 8gb card up until yesterday, but now all I get in hb is bubbles, any thoughts?


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