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Thread: Modchip Wii Voids Warranty? Not Necessarily

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    DriveKey / Wasabidx / solderless modchips does not have to Void your Warranty

    Technically speaking...yes...

    Now theres been so much talk here by members about voiding your wii warranty if you mod your wii.

    That is not neccessarily many have had warranty repairs

    • if you use a solderless modchip does not alter any of the wii factory software, does NOT show any signs of tampering. Say your wii develops a warranty repair problem. Just remove the modchip..Close it up and Bam...just like factory. Send in for warranty repair

    The reason you still have warranty is there are NO *warranty void if broken stickers* on the on ps2/ps3/xbox..etc... LOL...unless you really *cough*botched it up...or you were to openly say differently.

    Many, many have just removed the modchip and got their warranty repair

    NOW if you happen to have bought an Extended Warranty when you purchased the wii..EVEN BETTER...Rem what they said...drop it off a building, break it into pieces...and no problem...just bring it back to the store and we will replace it....LOL

    • NOW...If you Softmod your wii and it becomes bricked....and you send it in for repair with the customized software....They read your warranty

    NOW We are in NO WAY suggesting that is what you do...We are merely stating the Facts with regards to what most people with modchip modded wii's do if they require warranty repair and haven't had any warranty problems.
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    Very Very true, have had a couple people banner brick their system trying to do the softmod, unfortunately we could not fix it as it was beyond the point where we could do anything with a savemii. Nintendo refused warranty service and even to repair out of service. Conclusion = expensive paperweight.
    Best way to go imo is a solderless plug and play chip
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    i have to agree, i am completely new to this and i installed the wasabi dx without any problems, ive done it to another 3 since all as easy as the first time.

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    And what is (are) the best modchip in these conditions (with no warranty problems)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lpalha View Post
    And what is (are) the best modchip in these conditions (with no warranty problems)?
    i like the Wasabi DX, its cheap, easy to install and gets regular updates.

    there are no warranty stickers on the wii so as long as you are careful when lifting the stickers then you should be fine, then if anything goes wrong with the wii then you can take the chip out before you send it off for repair.
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