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    dull tw*t back

    is there a link to cios rev 13b wad as i am having trouble installing ... is there a difference between wad and dol.

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    go to and register in the forums then return to the website and log in. There will now be a downloads tab at the top. In that section click on "important wii apps" at the bottom and the download links to revision 12, 13a, and 13b are listed. The only thing about 13 is that if you are running a usb loader you have to reset your wii between games or it will freeze. you shouldn't need 13 as long as you have a loader with error 002 fix and anti error 002 fix such as coverfloader and usbloadergx. I haven't tried others.

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    There is a difference between .dol and .wad.

    In the case of cIOS38 Rev13b the program starts with boot.dol which will use either a download to get IOS38-64-v3610.wad or use the one you have copied to your SD card.

    Not sure where you'll get the wad from as I used the wifi install method, it should be readily available here or on some torrent sites.

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