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Thread: i`m a dull tw*t

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    i`m a dull tw*t

    made simple ( half-cut ).....

    soft modded wii ok new games come out that won`t play screen

    ghostbusters and job island to name 2

    what is it you need to update on the wii to get these games to run?

    also my wiiflow will not download missing covers , any ideas on this..

    thanks people..

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    Yes you are.

    In answer to your first question. No. And i strongly urge everyone else to completely ignore the fact you even asked about that game. You simply do not deserve an answer.

    In regards to the second one, the website it uses has been down for ~48 hours now. It may not come back up ever again.
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    you need to updated to coverfloader rc7, update 2 is the current release. The new release includes error 002 fix and anti error 002 fix in the game settings. For ghostbusters I think you should set it to anti error 002 and for job island i'm with ossot. The reason for the covers is that he switched to and your old coverfloader is still trying plus it is donate only now. So donate a couple bucks and update your coverfloader, or just download the covers manually from taz's website and resize them to 160X224 or they won't show.

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    I look forward to mr 3 posts answering the 57 "my ghostbusters wont work" questions a day now.

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    dont understandy u ???

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    my concern is not ghostbusters .. played it it`s shite...

    i mean future games but thanks for the expected abuse....

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    it's okay huggybear ossot built up his post count asking stupid questions....i just happen to stop in here every now and then to see if i can help, and i'm no expert by far, but i'm no jackass either.

    Huggybear i currently have cios rev12 and coverfloader installed and they will play anything you throw at them here's what to do:
    1. Go to and download RC7 update 2 and replace the current revision on your SD card in your apps folder
    2. not sure what cios your running but i'm not sure if it is necessary to be running 12
    3. go to and download covers manually for the games you want and place them into their respective folders on your sd card or donate on and enter your username and pass on the file included with the coverfloader download that goes into the "SD/usb-loader" folder. if you're not sure how this works ask someone in the shout box on and they will be happy to help you
    4. then, depending on what game it is, when you select it in coverfloader there is a settings icon in the bottom left corner select that and at the bottom of the page you will see "game fix" change it to error 002 and see if that works, if it doesn't try anti error 002 and so on until it works
    5. Still doesn't work? come back and ask again in this thread.

    p.s. there is also a thread like three posts down on this subject try reading up there too
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