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Thread: No idea what to do...any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Unhappy No idea what to do...any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi all, quite new to this, forums and Wiihacking.

    but here it goes.

    Well my friend suggested i do the twilight hack so i can play some backed up games. He had already helped one of my other friends and he is successful in installing everything and playing the games he backed-up.

    I'm not so lucky. I have 3.4 firmware and have been able to install homebrew channel. My friend just gave me the apps package i need to have to run the bakced-up games. So on my SD card i have:
    Root --> Apps ->cIOS36rev7

    Also on the files he gave me there was a quick guide which went like this:
    Step 1: Open the Homebrew Channel
    Step 2: Click on the App labeled "Apps/cIOS Rev7/boot.dol" and then click Load
    Step 3: Read the Disclaimer and Agree or Disagree
    Step 4: Select WAD INSTALL
    Step 5: Once it is done, select the option to restart your Wii
    Step 6: Open The Homebrew Channel
    Step 7: Select the app labeled "Apps/WADManager1.3/boot.dol", and hit load
    Step 8: Read the Disclaimer and Agree or Disagree
    Step 9: Hit A
    Step 10: Select BackupLauncher_03g_Wiiish_v2_EN.wad and press +
    Step 11: Hit A when it asks you if you're sure you want to install it
    It will Install and bring you back to the list
    Step 12: Hit the Home button to restart your Wii
    You should have a new channel... Wii Backup Launcher

    I have followed this guide to every letter and still whenever i follow Step 2 and i have actually tried to install it (step 4) it says (ret =-2011).

    Both my friends say this happened to them but few hours later it just installed normally, and then they installed backup loader using the WADManager. I'm sure there are threads with something similar to this but nothing every makes that much sense to be honest.

    Thanks, Resentment

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    Hi resentment - - Welcome to Wiihacks! This section is for introductions only! You will get a much better response if you post your question in the right section, though i advise you to use the search first as it may well have been covered before. Before you get started please read the rules to avoid any further mistakes and if you want faster answers, special treatment and a large cash prize then please give the Mario Kart comp a go!

    ps. try this guide - it will have you playing backups in no time

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