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Thread: Modded Wii not playing some games

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    Modded Wii not playing some games inc originals


    Sorry if I've posted in the wrong section or asking completely stupid questions. Got some problems with our Wii....

    My wife bought a modded Jap Wii from Hong Kong which I have no idea what chip it has in it. We bought it back to the UK, went online, which also updated the firmware on it (not sure if I should have done this). We have a backup version of Wii Sports (Jap) which works perfectly fine. I have tried a backup of Cooking Mama II (US) which doesn't load. So we've tried various (about 10) original UK games and the only 1 we can get working is Mario and Sonic Olympic Games.

    1) Have I bricked or partially-bricked the Wii?
    2) Should modded Wii be allowed to go online? I tried to use BBC iPlayer, only later to find out only UK Wii can do that.
    3) What can I do now to fix our Wii?
    4) How can I find out what chip we have installed?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Anyone with any advice? Thanks.

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    I dont know much about chipped wiis so I might be the wrong person to help you out but I will give it a stab. First off I know for a fact you did not brick your wii. The only way you can really brick your wii is by using an out of region game that requires an update and you update it. So if you take a NTSC-U game that reguires a disc update (mario kart wii) and you use the disc update, boom you just bricked it. I am not sure if you can enter a menu to change settings on the chip but I think you can. Those out of region games arent working because the chip wont allow them to load. if you can enter the chips menu, that setting could be changed. You also could possibly block the disc updates to pretect against out of region bricks (if that is an option). Someone else on here can shed some more light on this. Just wanted to tell you what I knew.

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    Jasons34, thanks for your help and nice to know the Wii is not bricked. Normally how are these chip menus accessed? I'm a noobie to all of this hence no idea what is going on.

    What is really worrying is we bought a brand new UK Wii Fit the other day and that's not working either. The game is recognised but just loads a black screen.

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    tbh buying a Wii from a diff country can cause diffrent problems but u might need to update the Wii if it has a mod chip then updating the Wii to the latest version should be okay also try a game loader like gamma R3 that might help

    ive only just modded my wii and downloaded and played tennis via the USB loader

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    The reason for the black screen is because that game requires a disc update and your chip is not allowing it. Are you sure it has a mod chip and not softmodded? Look at the casing. Does it look like it was opened? The screws look alittle worn?

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    I've been told it definately has a chip in. I'm working away these few days but will open it up to confirm what chip it has.

    What is a disc update and how do I obtain and do this?


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    Disc Update is when a game requires you to update your Wii system to be able to play the game.


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