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Thread: how to play game save wii v4 e

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    Exclamation Help! cannot play wii game save !st time user

    Hi All
    Cannot copy wii game save daa.bin file to wii system from sd, it states you must first play game to copy or save to wii system. wii v4e(pal)Game xxxp scan disk 2 gig formated fat32

    1. Installed bannerbomb aadif v108 2 & hackmii installer beta 2
    2. Run cmdvd34 to downgrade ios
    3. Run wad manager1.4 from hombrew channel and installed ios35 wad
    4. Run ciosv7 wad.Wad mad manager was set to use ios35(I changed it from249)hope this is correct.
    5. Installed cios36_rev 10(used network connection)
    6. Installed usb loader
    7. Installed Forwarder wad(usb_loader_channel_ zip)using wad manager.

    I also understand winikinko have update ios38-64-3610 for ntsc,is ther a version for pal wii v4

    I would appriciate your help on what to do next.

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