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Thread: How to install backup loader on 4.0 (4.0u)

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    Lightbulb How to install backup loader on 4.0 (4.0u)

    I put this tutorial together after accidentally upgrading my Wii to 4.0u. I had no idea that it would be such a headache trying to get it to play backups. Well, this is the entire process from beginning to end as performed by a noob to the world of Wii hacks...

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    The Adventures of a Noob:
    How to hack you Wii 4.0 (4.0u)
    to play backups without a modchip


    First things first...I take absolutely no responsibility for any damage done to your system. If you follow my instructions than you should be just fine. However, "fine" is a relative term. There are some people that just are not good at following directions.

    Secondly, I will not provide links to certain things that you need. This is to protect myself and anyone else that wishes to host this document. I, in no way, promote the Piracy of software of any kind. The only time that this is legal is when you already own the game. Its convenient to have a backup of the game just in case your newborn decides its a teething ring or your little sister gets pissed off and uses your entire game collection as coasters at a tea party where she is serving coolaide and soda. (lol)

    So I decided to write this up because I had so much trouble trying to figure out what the hell I needed to do to get this to work. Here was the problem that I found. By installing Wii system menu 4.0 (or 4.0u) you basically closed off a few of your options. v4.0 eliminates the ability to install WADs on your wii. This is a vital part of getting the backups to play. So here's how we fixed that.


    1. Download and install The Homebrew Channel (HBC) via the bannerbomb exploit (Bannerbomb - WiiBrew)

    2. Download this packet cboot2 fix 4.rar and follow the instructions in the readme. This is going to allow us to install the custom IOS249 which is needed to run the backup launcher. After following the instructions in given go on to the next step.

    4. Now, you need to go to the following Instructables page and download the packet that they tell you to use. Install cIOS36 Rev7 NOT follow their instructions. It will walk you in circles for hours. Do as I say...

    5. After you have downloaded the packet, make sure that your SD card is empty and transferr the entire contents of the folder labeled "Copy CONTENTS to ROOT of SD Card" onto the card. You will also need to run the setup file for ImgBrn as well. There is a file there both for Mac and Windows.

    6. Now that you have transferred the data to your card and installed the program on your computer you will need to put the SD back into your Wii and launch HBC. From HBC hit the right arrow on the screen or the plus button and run the WAD installer. The application will be all by itself on the final page.

    7. Once you get past the disclaimer and all that fun stuff, select Wii SD Card as your source. Several options will come up. You will need to select the region of your Wii.

    JAP Japanese
    PAL European

    I have yet to have messed with the region free version. I have no idea what difference it makes. I only know how to make it work with the regions still in place.

    8. Move the cursor next to the proper region of your system and press the plus button. This will start the install process. From here, all you need to do is wait until the install is done.

    9. Now, using the program that was provided (ImgBrn) you need to copy the ISO file to a DVD-R at the lowest possible burn speed. (x1) The slower the speed the cleaner more complete copy of the file is made.

    NOTE: This will only work with dvd-r. The DVD+R will not work in the Wii. You will get an error saying that the disc could not be read. If you get this error, you waisted your money trying it on a +R disc Trust me! It doesn't work!!!

    10. Now, just put the disc in your system and launch the Backup Launcher channel. Go to the options menu (not reboot options) find the force ::region:: option that applied to your region and then select the correct controller from the list given (most likely the one labeled default). Exit the options menu and launch the game. You will now see that your game has begun to play! Enjoy!!!

    Many thanks go out to Dogeggs of, the developers of the software that I am enjoying as we speak, and everyone else that helped me out on my journey as a noob in the world of Wii hacking.
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    Thank you for this! I'm an absolute noob at modding Wiis and this helped me out! I'm soft modding my Wii tomorrow so I will have to let you know how this works out.

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    Hey there, I wanted to know if Backuploader itself can run "generic" games, or if you need to install Backup Launcher first, and if so, how can I do this? My Wii is 4.0U.I have HBC and everything, and am trying to install Backup Launcher. Is this tutorial for making the alredy installed Backup Lancher compatible with 4.0, or is it for installing the Backup Launcher on 4.0?

    Please, me and my idiocracy upgraded it to 4.0 some time ago and did not know it would make it incompatible. I tought it would make the wii better. I can't find a tutorial for Backup Lancher on 4.0 anywhere, and am slowly going mad. Please help!
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    This tutorial was put together from scratch. I don't have alot of experience myself so I am not 100% sure how to solve you exact issues. If you follow this tutorial from start to finish you should be able to play backups. The biggest problem that I had was getting the cIOS installed. This write-up should help you out as well. Just start from step 2 and download the file package thats there. Follow the instructions from within. This will give you the ability to intall WADs again. Then just make sure you have the backup channel working. You may just want to try following the whole tut. I can't be certain. Sorry.

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    OK, so I noticed a few pieces here that had a few wholes where people could make mistakes if they weren't careful. If you have tried this out and had problems than wait until I finish compiling all the files and making sure the frigging readme's are right than I'll repost it. Just hang in. I get it together asap.

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    Thanks!Really! but what I mean is, I never even had Backup Launcher installed in the first place, I want to install it now. I am sooo noobtastic, I doŽ't even know the difference between Backup Lancher and Loader. I know I'm being a real pain but, if it's not too much trouble, could you help me with this?
    Plus, if you found out a way to install Backup Launcher on Wii 4.0, this will be amazingly helpful to all P.h.D.s in dumbassness like me!

    Think about it!
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    ok, heres the deal, I did a better tutorial with updated and correct info. For certain reasons I do not want to post it on this site. I have posted on

    4.0u Fixed!

    This is the full write up. DL packets all in one place!

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    Easy understand tut job well done.
    I'm still big on the hardware mod 100% backwards compatible on most games plus wii-connect updates. I've modified easily over 2000 units since wii was released in Australia.
    Doing volume business for people who just want play any region genuine games or their own backed media hardware mod in my opinion the obvoius choice.
    Currently to many limitation on the softmod especially on firmware limitation.

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    I DID IT!!!1!!!IT WORKS!!!!1!!!!1!!!YEAHxD!!!YEAH!!!!xD FUCK YEAH FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUDE, YOUR GONNA BE SOOOOOOOOOOOO FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!! YOUR A FRIGGIN' GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!! ITS COMPLETELY IDIOT PROOF(I managed to do it) FUUUUCKKKKK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH MAN, SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
    I wish my lawn was EMO, so it would cut itself.

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