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Thread: Are these Verbatim's okay?

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    Are these Verbatim's okay?


    They are 16x verbatims. The discs ive been using are fujifulm 8x and zelda worked fine but punchout i would play and it would gimme disc error after a round or to. I was reccommended to get Verbatims

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    links bad......

    the staples link takes me to a canadian postal code filter?

    Verbatims are fine for backups.
    make sure they are DVD-r
    I burn with imgburn at 4x with no problems

    have u tried any USB loaders yet? - saves all that messing around wit discs

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    Yeah i ended up getting them and im 6 for 6 on burning games on them they are working perfectly. Ive been burning them at 2x should i be doing it at 4x?.

    The usb loader i was gonna try but the usb harddrive i have i dont have the cables for right now so discs are easier.

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    Hey Guys,
    I have a softmodded wii 4.0u and the discs I use are Memorex 16x DVD-r burned at 4x with img burn. I get disc read error 324/384 most of the time but my backups do work sometimes (randomly I guessing) I already tried to fix this issue by installing and reinstalling mulitple cios and ios but that did not change anything do you guys think that I could get any luck with this by changing the disc and getting Verbatim ( I Heard Memorex sucks)
    Thanks for the help!!

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    Im still new to this but i was getting disc read errors so i made sure i had IOS 36,51,53,55 and i used cIOS38 rev 13b to try and fix it. Still got the errors was using fuji film dvd-r's. Went out and bought Verbatim 16x DVD-R and so for im 7 for 7 with games working perfect

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    If you've followed a "certified" guide and you're receiving errors the odds that it's your media are pretty pretty high.

    blanks are cheap. If you're in doubt just buy a small pack. If they work, stick with that brand. if they don't, use them to back-up your DVDs instead.

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    thanks guys


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