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Thread: Multiple ISO's into One ?

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    Multiple ISO's into One ?

    I have googled and searched this site and have yet to find the answer. I downloaded from and it was 2 files with 2 seperate isos for one game. How do I go about combining those 2 iso's into one?

    Also on a seperate note Ive got another game with r00 r01 etc files.. how do I go about making one iso out of those?

    I've also got a couple iso files that have come out like "gamename.iso*" i'm not sure what the * is doing there ???

    Would really appreciate any well explained help as Im a bit new to burning side of things. Thanks
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    What game has MULTIPLE isos? Even dual layer games such as SSBB are not packaged as two ISOs. Let me know what game so I can see this personally.

    You open the .rar file with Winrar. Again, if you dont know how winrar works, might I suggest gamestop. After you open the file in WinRAR, you click Extract. You put in a location for where you would like the file to be placed. You click ok. It will extract

    The * next to the iso name in the winrar file listing means the file is password protected. You, i'm guessing, got it from tehparadox. You will need to look on their forums for what the archive is for the password.

    Again. Gamestop. It's made for the every day man.
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    I would have helped him out since I get my games from that site and know exactly what he is talking about, but then I took notice that he is banned so I guess I cant help him now


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