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Thread: Motion Plus Needs Update?

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    Motion Plus Needs Update?

    I just bought motion plus and I tried playing grand slam tennis. I confirmed that it works by unplugging it. There is definately a difference if you remove it. But its not as accurate as it appears to be in the videos I ve seen.
    For example when you move the controller left and right the tennis player on the wii is supposed to move exactly as the controller. But from what I have experienced, sometimed the player moves on the opposite direction. And the movement is not as accurate. Like if I move my hane all the way to the left and start moving my have slowly to the center, I wont see a smooth movement. It will just go straight from the left to the center.
    Also supposedly when you rotate the controller, the tennis racket is supposed to move as well. That doesnt happen with me,.

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    It seems like I am right. On a review here at eurogamer they found the same problem on a console that wasnt updated:

    Editor's blog: Grand Slam Tennis to be re-reviewed // Blog entry /// Eurogamer - Games Reviews, News and More

    I have the feeling that this problem occurs on most of the people here, but they are just not realising it. So, do I need to upgrade to 4.0, or a cios update will be enough?

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    no you are not right. It does not need an update. GST doesn't render at 1:1, but it is.

    If the game loads and plays you have everything you need for it to function 100%


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