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Thread: error 2011 ahhhhhh

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    Unhappy error 2011 ahhhhhh

    well i have an LU64 version with 4.0 now i can finially boot the wad manager up but it wont let me install any wads... i have softmii 3.0 but not much of a tut on it.. I have even formatted my wii.. still no go.. cant install any wads... or maybe i need new wads. lu64 fix wad didnt work. humm looking for some help..

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    YEA... I fixed it... Well for future reference this is what to do? This solve the black screen and wad issues.. Anyhow go to wii settings then goto internet connections.. You should already have configure it to use the internet. Now that it is configure have it test your internet connection. Its going to give a error code(sorry cant remeber the number). Then it will ask you to update. Select yes( if your on 4.0 and a LU64 version you will be fine!!) the next screen that comes up will state that the update will remove any illegal wads, and such and will lock your wii up and it might be temporary or permanent). Tell it yes its going to fix parental controlls.. WTF.. Ok it will reboot. Now lets get the newest version of bannerbomb and hackmii installer on your SD card.. Now No More Black screen or Wad Errors.. If you follow the softmii 3.0 everything works flawestly..You will have HBC and all the other neat stuff.. Hope this helps someonne racking their brains out..


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