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Thread: forbidden 403 error

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    Today I discovered that I wasn't able to automatically download covers via usbloader GX and after some digging on the net I found a forum saying that you have to subscribe to to be able to do it, even though the version of gx does'nt have the bit to enter username etc as yet (I think it's going to be included in an update)

    You also have to donate to be able to subscribe, which is fair dues so I did

    I've just tried to download a cover manually and seems to have gone as it gives me a 403 forbidden error, and has done for the last couple of hours, anyone knows what gives?

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    I am hoping the site is just down or something. Sucks...

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    Tis ok, the site is back up now, they had a permissions problem.

    The only problem now is that you can only download if you are a member but usb loader gx doesn't have the option to enter a username and password as yet so no more instant covers for a while

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    Site isn't back up for me... Still getting a 403.

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    Nah, it's down again...

    Oops, they're not having a good day

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    Same problem here. Looks like the site is down. Cover Floader can't connect either. Hope the site comes back up soon!

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    This Account Has Been Suspended


    This Account Has Been Suspended


    Very bad....

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    coverfloader now has the option for username and pass and the site is still having problems with how many connections he has simultaneously so its hit or miss right now

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    I'm using USB loader GX and I'm having no joy here at all. I donated to the site to join and still can't download unless I do it manually so I'm no better off

    Oh joy...

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    Update your GX and now you can update it, it's pretty slow.
    It updates from a different address now, but I noticed, when it finishes updating the covers and such, I'll get a code dump screen.
    Reset the system and everything's fine.

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