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Thread: solderless wiikey2 compat issues

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    solderless wiikey2 compat issues

    ntsc-u wii at 4.0U modded with wiikey2 solderless, at v1.2 asgard.
    using orig wii PAL disks - sonic and the black knight works a treat, but wii play and wii fit disks get stuck in the black screen hole. any thoughts?

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    wiikey2 > no compatibility issue

    your issue is not with the wiikey2

    your issue is with your burn speed or burning software or your brand of dvds or -r/+r or along those lines

    try reading in burning section

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    issue isnt burn speed, they're orig wii title disks

    first of all, thank you for responding, very generous of you, so thanks for even lending your insights. i have read the burning section, and have successfully run a burned 'at slowest speed' disk. this issue is with original wii titles [pal], Wii Play and Wii Fit, neither running on a USA Wii console [D2E] running 4.0u modded with Wiikey2, v4, configured with 1.2 Asgard. Maybe the 6x settings causing? Might try taking them down to 3x. What do you think? These particular titles are not the core issue for me. dont want to be buying pal titles if this is only the tip of the compatibility iceberg, you know what i mean. thanks again

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