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Thread: you are my last resort!! .....need help plz! :(

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    you are my last resort!! .....need help plz! :(

    Hello evryone ^_^

    just registered here to get some help from you people ,im a noob and had no idea what to do right now! trying to boot wiisport resort for 2 days now with no luck,i'd followed alot of instructions but again...wont work,i have a US wii with ver. 4.0 and trying to run the game on DVD, here is what i did as some fellas suggested:

    1. RZTJ01.dol file needs to be rename to to RZTJ.dol
    2. Create NeoGamma Folder in the root of SD card and place RZTJ.dol in it.
    3. Download Neogamma version: boot.dol
    4. Download save file: place RZTJ folder on sd card in private/wii/title/
    5. Turn on wii (duh!) under data management/ save files go to sd and copy file to wii.
    6. Through homebrew load Neogamma. Set setting in Neogamma to:
    Language: japanese
    002 fix: ON
    Alternative dol: ON
    7. Launch Disc. Game will load from RZTJ.dol from SD card. You will be shown I video on how to connect wii motion plus. The video will end and you will have to push A. The system will restart and your back to the main menu.
    8. NOW go back to NeoGamma and turn off Alternative Dol. And Launch Disc. Should work.

    b4 i tried the above steps...i used to have error 001/002 ,but now after following these instructions i got something new(woot!!),now it says:"exception (program) occurred!"....and then there is a lot of codes and #s...and just below that it says: "stack dump blah blah blah!!

    what could i have done wrong?...and what happens if i updated thru the wiisport game disc channel? will it brick my wii?

    please guys help!! hopeless!! just wanna play.

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    not general wii talk

    post your non general homebrew issues in correct forum next time.....warned

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