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Thread: 4.0 homebrew questions

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    4.0 homebrew questions

    hey all sorry for some dumb questions i might ask but any help/ideas would be helpful.So i put homebrew on my wii the other day watched a video on youtube it installed fine and all have yet to make a backup of my game to see if it works.but my questions are how does homebrew really work do i have to keep my sd card in it after i install it or what and would updates later on effect it?also how does a wii become bricked only idea i can come up with is that the wii from ntsc guess thats the american one? takes an update from a foreign game like jap or pal? again sorry for the questions still learning the modding scene.

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    The Homebrew channel just lets you run apps from your sd card, so yes you need the card in the wii and updates so far haven't affected it but who knows what the next one will do?
    Out of region updates cause bricks as do installing bad wads, deleting IOS or installing corrupt themes.

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    ah i see thanks for clearing some of that up also would i be able to play a jap gamecube game?i remember reading somewhere that homebrew allows out of region games to play i could be wrong reason im asking.

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    hm never mind about my post above ^ kinda got a clue about homebrew is it just to load apps that allow backups,region games etc to play without it bricking?


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