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Thread: Mod mess up

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    Mod mess up

    ok. I bought a wiikey and decided to install it myself. Quick soldered it on, put the wii partially back together. Played official game disc, but backup or wiikey config discs aren't recognised. Damn it. Recorded more copies at 1x, 2x and 4x, still no joy. Thought it was my soldering job so went to buy a multimeter. Tested every connection from chip on wiikey all the way to the panasonic chip they eventually run to, all were good, and no connections bridged. The only two solders i couldn't check were the Vcc and the Gnd, didn't know where they ended up. Anyway, I turned it on and, for some reason, I don't know why, I decided to check the voltage across 2 points I thought were connected. Fffftt, dead..... no lights nothing. F**k. 20 mins later, wii main board lights up again, comes on, everythings working now apart from the dvd drive. Doesn't spin, doesn't eject, doesn't recognise a disc, nothing. Ribbons are in are evrything, any ideas what I can do? i.e. what components can I check? Are there any fuses? Is it definately going to be the drive thats buggered? For the record I made a connection with my multi meter between the Vcc solder on the chip, and the 1 pin from left on the I3001, which I understand to be the '2nd' part of the 11v supply...
    Cheers in advance for any tips.........


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    Sounds like you fried your drive man. The key ONLY effects the dvd drive so it sounds like you are SOL. Don't know that there is anyone in the forums with the technical knowledge for hardware to help you... doesn't sound like it can be helped though
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    Thats what I'm thinking, but I'm also thinking that maybe I can fry something on the motherboard by shorting on the drive board. Anyone know where the hell i can get a spare drive form and how much it'll cost?

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    i broke my wii duing installation and mailed it to oldschoolgamers for repair, supposed to hear back monday with whats wrong :S, seems to bea good company for repairs though


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