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Thread: Drivekey - Disc Read Error

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    Drivekey - Disc Read Error

    Sorry, i know this has been done to death, i just am hoping someone can give me their oppinion on whats been happening. I have backed up my copy of punchout and have been playing the backed up copy on a wii fitted with the drivekey mod. The game boots up fine and i can play through a couple of fights and then when i reach Piston Hondo, the game craps out and gives me a disc read error.

    The drivekey seems to be installed correctly as i can access the config menu and it does recognize the backed up game in the drive. Im assuming this is a media issue, but would like an oppinion on the matter by someone who isnt as noobish as myself.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Maybe a bad rip or a bad burn did you try reburning another copy and only ever use DVD-R

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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I originally burned onto memorex dvd-r. After reading a bunch, verbatim dvds seem to be the media of choice, so ill reburn using a verbatim dvd-r and see how that works.

    Thanks again.


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