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Thread: Visual Boy Advance - Won't save D:

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    Visual Boy Advance - Won't save D:

    I have Pokemon Yellow and LeafGreen that save perfectly fine(thank god), but when I try to save with Sims Bustin' Out or Sims 2 it won't save. I tried both saving with VBA and saving in game. I was experimenting at one point with Bustin Out.

    Saved How: In game
    I saved, turned off my wii, turned it back on.
    Did it save?: Yes

    Saved How: Both
    I saved, unplugged wii from the power cord, went to sleep, plugged it in next morning.
    Did it save?: No D:

    Help please

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    When you do a save state does it show the file afterwards?

    Do a save state, then dont turn off, and see if you can load the state back.

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    Yes I see it and I can load it. Would the problem be the actual save or...?


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