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Thread: I am having problems with the game Dawn of Discovery

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    Us I am having problems with the game Dawn of Discovery

    So after i downloaded the game Dawn of Discovery from the site that i always use i decided to play it. But then after a couple of hours playing it the game suddenly froze. I unplugged the wii and then started playing again and it froze again. This happened 3 time already.

    So i was wondering what is wrong? This is the first out of 34 games that i have downloaded and burned to do this to me. I did the same burn speed as i did with the other games too. The game is NTSC and so is my Wii.
    Do i have to download some kind of new patch for the Backuplauncher?

    Tell me what is wrong with it please.
    Backuplauncher is .3 Gamma IOS249

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    probably bad burn/media. even if a million discs come out fine, there still may be a bad disc in the spindle or your burn could be ugly. it happens. try burning again and see what happens. if it still freezes, maybe its the iso, but if all your other games play fine, then you can rule out the possibility of the wii being the cause

  3. #3 too i got that prob with one of my games...i just re burned a new dvd and it's ok..sometime the dvd get scratch on it depends how long we play it..and wii as usual sensible and can't read the just try burn a new one and see


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