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Thread: Wii 4.0U not recognizing USB Microphone

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    Question Wii 4.0U not recognizing USB Microphone


    I've got a hacked wii with homebrew and everything. I used BannerBomb to hack it.

    I want to play my guitar hero/rock band games but the wii doesn't recognize any USB devices (it does recognize my external HD)

    I got Guitar Hero Smash Hits and tried to play it but i kept getting the message please connect USB microphone.

    Please help

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    Seems like the same problem I'm having with my WiiSpeak.. Games dont detect it being plugged in -_-..

    Started happening to me before I went to 4.0.. (thought upradin to 4.0 would fix it)

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    Well I have 2 wii's..... firmware 3.2U and firmware 4.0U

    On my 3.2U wii my Rock band, Rock band 2, Guitar hero world tour, guitar hero 3, guitar hero metallica, Rock Band track pack 1 & 2, AC DC track pack ---- ALL these games work fine with the 3.2U All the instruments works (Guitar's, Drums, Mic)

    However I tired to play Guitar Hero Smash Hits and now it doesn't want to recognize the microphone for some reason....

    With 4.0U anything that is USB related like rock band guitars & Rock band Drums & Microphone ----- Doesn't want to work at all....which is fustrating because i really want to play these games.

    Any help would be great.

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    I'm also having the same problem. THe Mic will work with World Tour, but with the two games I burnt Smash Hits and Metallica it will not recognize the microphone.

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    Have you all installed hermes 222 cios?>? i think this does the trick for instruments

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    Where do I find hermes 222 cios ?

    Is this the correct thread
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