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Thread: Black Screen After Wanring Screen?????

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    Us Black Screen After Wanring Screen?????

    I have a Wiike v1. installed (hard wired)Forever... I have HBC Channel installed, Wad Manager 1.4 installed, WiiGator installed, and SD/USB Loader installed...
    I was running everything off 3.2u but I wanted to run the VC Games off the SD Card so I updated to 4.0u (hacked Ver.).. All Was working fine, until now When I turn Wii on I get the Warning Screen , Push "A", then Black Screen... If I hold the Power Button for six seconds on start up it works fine... I had a Preloader install but I don't see it anymore(it used to boot into preloader first)... Is there anyway I can Start over,, Take the Wii Back so it Just has the mod chip working??? Thanks for any help

    Edit: do you think I can just run Wii BackUp Disk v1.31 to get back to normal??
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    Hi the answer is Yes as Ive just done my friends using MattMan tutorial here is link
    good luck


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