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Thread: bootmii and disc update?

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    bootmii and disc update?

    I have a question I can't seem to find an answer for. does having bootmii installed block disc updates? or is there something else I need. I am doing my fiancee's little brother's wii. not sure what his menu version is yet because I have not received the console yet, but I plan on downgrading to 3.2u either way then installing bootmii and homebrew through bomberban hack. My concern is that after he has the system at his house that he may try to play a new game that may have an update on it and it possibly brick the wii. the worst part is he will be in canada and me in states and not able to travel up there (got into a little trouble . any precautions I should take? in the end going to be using usb loader gx.

    also should I upgrade him to 4.0 after wards. he has no internet and I will put a password onto parental locks.

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    Bootmii does not protect you from game updates. Bootmii can help you recover a Wii from a brick.

    If you use USB loader GX then no updates will occur from that, although he will have difficulty with newer games as newer countermeasures are introduced by Nintendo.

    Difficult to keep it up to date for him if he's a long distance away.


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