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Thread: USB Loader install?

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    USB Loader install?

    Hi, I was wondering is there anway to isntall USB Loader into the main dash of the Wii, like with the Homebrew Channel, DVD player etc.

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    Yes there is and there are two ways to do it.

    1) Install a USB Loader channel .wad

    2) Install a USB Loader forwarder .wad

    The forwarder typically boots the loader found in a specific loaction on your SD card, so you can grab the latest builds without messing with your channels all the time.

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    Check out ModderMan's post on USB Loader GX

    It shows you both install options.

    FYI in case you were wondering.
    A forwarder just opens a file in a specific path on the SD Card where as a channel actually installs the software onto the Wii.


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