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    Plz tell me I can burn games and boots or whatever on this thing. I see executables and I'm scared.

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    I also use a mac. I chipped my Wii at the weekend, and I was able to burn both the Wiikey setup and upgrade boot discs using Disk Utility (or hdiutil on the command line). Both discs booted fine on the Wii.

    I've burned a couple of backup game disks today but haven't tried them yet. Will report back later on when I get home, but I'm quite confident it will work.

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    mkay....I burned the boot and it didnt work. I opened it back up and checked the connections. check+

    It's supposed to be on a dvd right? even though it's only 6 mb...I'm using office depot dvd+r.

    What else can i do to make it work?

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    I can report success with my Mac using disk utility - for config disk and games. What did you use to burn?

    Yes you should use a DVD for the config/boot image. When you say it's "not working" what actually happens? Do regular games still work?

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    yeah regular games work. I used disk utility and i tried toast too.

    how did you pad the isos? or did it work without padding? I had someone else do it and sendspace it to me.

    I haven't tried a burned game yet, my torrents are moving really slow. I'm still trying to figure out my NAT problems.


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