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Thread: Corrupt Wii System Menu on boot up.

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    Unhappy Corrupt Wii System Menu on boot up.

    Firstly, Hi all! Super terriffic site!

    When I turn on my Wii, I get white writing on black screen saying Wii System menu is corrupt...blah blah blah.

    It is Wii 4.0E.

    I can access Preloader .29 holding reset on power up, and then access homebrew channel and WAD manager and other apps etc..

    My Wii dosn't have wireless internet connection because I did not set in the Wii system settings before the system went brick. So I can't use any downgrader app that requires an internet connection.

    Can any one help me restore the original Wii menu?
    Many grattitudes your way...Thnx in advance

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    What was the last thing you did to your Wii before you got this problem?

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    I missued preloader. I can't remeber what option i played with. But i am sure i did wrong with preloader. (Due to ignorance)

    No.. Sorry. I used ANYTITLE DELETER and deleted the menu!!!
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    If you deleted IOS60 then what you need to do is re-install IOS60 using WAD manager.

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    OK Thnx. I'll give that a try.

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    Installed ios60. Did not fix my menu. Any other ideas???

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    get a sysmenu wad of whatever version u were using. just DONT DELETE PRELOADER.

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    i encounter this error, on a wii a bought. start up your wii using IOS 249,

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    Lightbulb ...

    ok to do this, download bootmii and run homebrew. If u have Homebrew browser go to that, go find a Bootmii Editor, edit bootmii to how u like, download a System Menu from searching google, it must be a wad or wont work, so when u do install the wad to SD and then put SD to WII. Then go to (Optional Part: Homebrew Browser, look for wad installer, install the wad installer then go back and use WAD isntaller to install wad.) the WAD installer, go to the IOS you use. Go to the SD option or USB whatever you use..., then go to the menu then install it, menu fixed BUT then u gotta go re-install bootmii.

    that worked for my 4.2 ALLOT

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    guys this thread is really old...


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