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    Question wiikey

    installing the wiikey, which of the following regional code will the system under take? i have notice that most of the game out there are (pal). there is alot of problems out there talking about the wii bricking. however the wiikey seem to be the best in the market so far, even there are the negatives out there.

    i just want a little more information before i decide to mod my own


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    I think the general concensus is that as long as you don't play a different region game on your modded Wii then you shouldn't block your wii. i.e. if you Wii is PAL then only play PAL games.

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    havent really looked at iso files yet but just guessing that its pretty even as far as us, pal and jpn isos

    and im not sure of the rules regarding such things here, but this board has been great so far...if i wanted a centralized iso list where should i look

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    I play any region on mine to be fair as long as teh things run.

    Just keep an eye on it when loading it first time round in case it has an auto dash update.

    Now will get back to fixing this psp.... (No its not bricked been dropped down a flight of stairs lol)
    Stoke me a clipper I`l be back for lunch

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    I also too, have a friend who plays with different region games as well, on the wiikey. but what is the different from jap ntsc to the use ntsc, is the mhz?

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    Ah the mhz..

    You mean the tv frequency?

    50 hrz and 60 hrz?
    Stoke me a clipper I`l be back for lunch

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    sorry ej2095,

    im not sure in what i am talking about.


    i got my wii modded today. i was watching the guy hooking up the wiikey, we all know what the wiikey looks like. but mine was different so i asked him about it. his answer was that there was a dumping of the wii coding... so people were able to put into home burl chips... can anyone confirm that, cuz i cant remember the site he told me.... lol well the good news is that he use it with all the wii that came to him. and it works fine.

    can i use a dvd-rewritable to install the wiikey firmware (1.9)

    peace and thanks.

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    yes i use a DVD-rw for the wiikey update and it work!!!!!!


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