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Thread: Bit Torrent Safety

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    Bit Torrent Safety

    I am a member of the forums, however I have created this username to remain a anonymous as possible because I have troubling news. I got a letter from my ISP in the mail stating that a digital rights owner had informed them there was possible copyright infringement going on. The letter was two pages, the second page being the letter that my ISP received from the digital rights owner. It stated that the source was bittorrent and the item was Marvel Ultimate Alliance USA Wii-Goomba. It also gave a date and time for this violation. The good news is that my ISP (and the digital rights owner) were understanding and stated I should destroy any data. They also stated that my internet will be banned if this happens again. It was implied that they are aware that this can be an outside user essentially leeching internet from me, however I am still responsible for what is downloaded. It was also implied that no further action (legal or otherwise) will be taken unless tis happens again. Needless to say, I stopped any torrents and deleted all data.

    I am writing this because it is real... it happened to me, a thing that I never thought would happen. My suspicion is that these people are seeding their own data (since it is technically legal for the to do since they own it) and just grabbing IPs of leechers (btw the letter also included my IP). This is perfectly legal to do. All the digital rights owner did was inform the ISP that said IP is downloading possibley illegal material.

    This was probably an unlucky find on my part. I have only heard of a handful of people ever getting caught downloading games and other digital properties, but I just wanted to warn you all, especially since there is a thread asking whether or not bottirrent is safe to use. My answer to that is no, it is not safe, however just because you play with fire doesn't mean you are going to get burned. If you DO get burned, it is a good idea to stop and hope that they are as leniant with you as they were for me.

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    Sounds like a regular run of the mill DMCA notice...

    ISPs receive letters from the MPAA/RIAA etc and they just forward on the notice... it's up the ISP to ban you or ignore the notice.

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    Yes but they knew what was being downloaded right? Can't I easily get in trouble still?

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    I'm on my 4th

    Your Such a rookie Alreadyamember, I've got 4 now, 3 for movies and one for a Wii Game. Which was a surprise but no big deal, A few notes for people concerned, First off all the complaintant sees is your ip then they trace it back to the ISP, they inform the ISP that so and so with this IP is being a bad boy, the ISP confirms and says well inform him hes a bad boy. The only way you can get into real trouble is by a court order, the complaintant has to go before a judge, then he will need to get the judge to make the ISP release the name of the persons account used for the mischief.

    This costs money, so they wont chase after every one, they use the intimidation method first, it sees to have worked on alreadyamember, hes shakin in his boots so bad he made a new user up to post his concerns. Which reminds me of my first letter, I was Alreadyamember we have worn the same shoes.

    So here are some tips I use now to avoid unwanted harresment of my internet servcies

    Use Peergaurdian 2 this program has a huge block list of ip adresses in its software, it will make it so unwanted people cannot see you IP adress, you wont be able to connect to them while downloading, its a self defence shield, read up about it on the website, dont bother PM me any questions - do your own research.

    Change your IP adress, if your a smart cookie and have a router, you can downgrade your firmware then re urgrade your firmware, then with my ISP i have to reregister my router on thier Online Customer Access page after this I go into my router option and release the ISPs IP the Renew it and I get a whole different number, Now if Im busted again the Complaintants wont know it was the sameguy because i have changed my ip address. If you ever got 3 or 4 letters of you being caught downloading with the same IP, that would be enough to build a case to make it worth while to go to court but they wont waste time on one IP being caught one time, they will think thier intimidation tacktics worked and you don't download anymore.

    Be Stooopid, I am so smart S M R T. play stupid, if you have to talk or reply to a email about downloading something illegal, tell them you just got a wireless router and need someone to set it up, because your stooopid, you just dont get that complicated stuff, Ive read about numerous people who are major seeders getting thier cases thrown out on the "someone wirelessly connected to my network and download the illegal data" because most routers have no passwords set when they come out of the box by default. And sorry to say it but our general public are moronic mindless simpson-baseball-hockey watching sheep its pretty easy for this to work in your favor. When 100 thousand students are polled about the constitution vs the simpsons, and the knowledge of the simpsons wins in a land slide to the Basic rights of a US citizen, you know how DUmb people are, By the way the US constituion is no longer in exsistance, No need to learn something that doesnt apply to you anymore, the Patriot act 1 and 2 destroyed all basic rights and freedoms of US citizens (911 was a inside job)

    Download from a torrent site thats a pain to register with, this ensures quality people in the private network, it also ensures that no prying eyes are looking at your ip adress, it can only be people on the private Tracker that can see you IP, If the bad men are on the private tracker, ummm good luck with that!

    Anyways please add to this on what you use to fool our controllers.

    Miller out!

    P.S. I don't argue with idiots, first they pull you down to their level then they beat you with experience!
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