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Thread: Final Fantasy 3 For Nintendo DS $19.99 At Toys R US 12/12 Only

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    Final Fantasy 3 For Nintendo DS $19.99 At Toys R US 12/12 Only

    I hope the moderators do not mind me putting this here instead of the Contests section since it really did not make sense there. Sign up to receive emails from by going here: then click email signup at the top of the screen and you will receive an internet coupon to use online or in the store to buy Final Fantasy 3 For Nintendo DS for $19.99 or Final Fantasy 12 for Playstation 2 at half off. I was tempted to grab FF3 at Walmart the other day but never did. Glad I waited since a $20.00 savings is nothing to sneeze at.

    Final Fantasy 3 $19.99 and Final Fantasy 12 $24.99 at TRU Tuesday 12/12 only!


    TRU is running an email promotion starting Sunday, with different deals every day of the week. I only know of the first 3 days, but on Tuesday only both Final Fantasy 3 and Final Fantasy 12 are half off with coupon. To get the coupons all you need to do is sign up for their email list by going to the TRU website and clicking on the "email signup" link up top.
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    My friend has been bothering me to get this for ages now.
    I'm still not going to get it though even though it's only $20.

    Thanks for the offer though, retrogamer.

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    I hope someone here took advantage of this coupon. FF3 is sweet and was well worth the full asking price. Getting it at $20.00 was a steal.


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