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Thread: 4.0 and playing backup from disk channel

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    Us 4.0 and playing backup from disk channel

    I read the threads for sometime now and can't seem to find answer to fix my problem. I don't want to downgrade. I have upgraded to 4.0 via nintendo update. Prior to that everything worked great. Now I can't get the games to load via disk channel even though they appear in the channel. Most of them do load via backup channel, but I know they can load off the disk channel. Also getting error -1 when installing cioscorp.

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    If you read the threads and the rules, Then you must know that you are posting in the wrong section.
    Hmmm, I think not....

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    Yeah, I know I post in wrong section. Sorry never post before so didn't really know how to post and didn't want to post in an old thread. Seems they all say to downgrade first and use the hacked update. Sorry for the post my mistake!!! By the way where is the correct place to post help for wii hacks?

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    Thumbs down Cya later...go somewhere else

    quoted>>Yeah, I know I post in wrong section

    guess he never rad the rules either...oh well

    its people who know and who don't care where they post...or make up excuses about why they posted where they shouldn't....that screws up things here

    cya JoseXio



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