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Thread: Please help a noob wii modder

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    Please help a noob wii modder

    Hi guys im new to this so i appoligse now for my lack of wii knowledge and terminology.

    I would really like to softmod my wii, But after some very intensive searching on the internet, I am still not sure how I should go about getting the result I want.

    All I am interested in is making it so I can load my games from a usb device, be it a flash stick or Hard drive. I donít want any of the other bumf like emulators and back up loaders.

    I have managed to get the hbc on my wii but that is as far as I have got. I tried many methods of installing different iosís, All found on the internet posted by different people for different region wiiís and different firmwares.

    My Wii is a firmware version 3.4E and the majority of guides I have found are aimed at 3.2U or 3.3U. And all the guides ive found tell you to use different programs. Some even say to downgrade and others say donít.

    After following lots of guides and installing and uninstalling several different programs I finally gave up and ended up formatting my wii to get it back to its original boring self.

    BUT I would still like to have another go if any one could help me and tell how to go about it from scratch.

    I would appretiate it a lot! Oh I have no way to connect my wii to the internet so I canít follow any methods that require networking or anything like that.

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    How new is your wii? Do you have a LU64/65 serial number?

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    no it starts LEH2

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    Don't downgrade, just follow the stickied guide for softmod here. Works like a charm.

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    Hi guys thanks for the suggestions but i done it now. Got what i wanted cand it works like a peach. I now have a much bigger game library with less clutter on the shelve.

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    now how do i end this thread?


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