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Thread: Moving Backups back to PC without WBFS

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    Moving Backups back to PC without WBFS


    This is my first post so go easy lol

    Having a hard drive die is bad.. having a hard drive die without a backup is really bad.. thats whats just happened to me. In fear this happening again i'm looking at getting a 1 stop permanently connected backup solution, like a nas drive.

    My question is (eventually) is there a way to move the files off the wii formatted drive (through WBFS) onto the nas WITHOUT using WBFS?

    A bit of a peculiar request maybe, but i'm looking at a clean Windows install on the crashed hard drive computer and i'd like to keep it svelte. just trying to avoid installing .net3.5.


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    You can offload the ISOs using WBFS manager if space isn't a consideration.

    I don't know how many games you have but I did this using WBFS-Gui - not the intelligent gui which is crap. When you uncompress the WBFS-Gui folder onto your desktop there is a WBFS_Win in there... it's the hermes one that lets you extract cISOs (Compact ISOs that take up the same space as the game does in WBFS). The WBFS Gui is the front end you can use for loading cISOs back onto your wbfs drives with. You can also use the GUI to extract cISOs one at a time but that is a pain. The best way is to write a dos batch file (simply a text file made in notepad ending in .bat rather than .txt).

    I made a batch file by listing the contents of the WBFS drive (wbfs_win.exe <drive letter> list) in dos then copying and pasting the disk IDs only in notepad and putting the line "wbfs_win.exe <drive letter> extractciso " in front of every discID in notepad - simply replace <drive letter> with your wbfs drive letter. Make certain you save it as bleah.bat and have "all files" selected in notepad, not "text". Simply copy WBFS_Win and your batch file, bleah.bat or what ever you called it, into the folder you want the cISOs to go in and double click your batch file and wait - I'd estimate about 40 to 50 games per hour average transfer.


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