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Thread: Installing a WiiKey

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    I've been surfing the net, in the past few days thinking which Mod Chip was the best for me.

    I have a PAL Wii, with 3.0E.

    At first I was thinking about the 'Wiinja Deluxe', then the 'CycloWiz v3' then the, 'WiiD'. But now I have my eyes set on the 'WiiKey'.

    My question is:

    Can I install the WiiKey on a PAL Wii with firmware 3.0E?

    Thanks in advance. - I also would like you to advise me on whether the WiiKey is the right decison for me.
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    Please, short answers will do.

    Thanks again...

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    yes, as long as you get the updated config disc, 1.9 i think

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    Okay, thanks man.


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