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    Exclamation **URGEB=nT**FULL Bricked Wii - HBC AND PRELOADER INSTALLED

    My wii is bricked and when i start it, it loads with preloader and when i select system menu, it says boot not found or something like that.

    i managed to get bootmii working again
    i have preloader and 4.18e
    i also have the homebew channel

    what can i do to unbrick it.

    if you refer me to that tutorial then post the download links aswell.

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    If you can get into HBC, which I think you can, load up WAD manager or similar and reload the system menu WAD. I think it's IOS60. That's one way. There are others too. Just search around and you'll find tons. I've bricked and unbricked my Wii a few times just playing around.

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