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Thread: DVD Dumper Prerequisites...

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    DVD Dumper Prerequisites...

    Total noob, only had my Wii a week. System menu 4.0 and IOS is 61.

    Installed Homebrew Channel using the Bannerbomb hack, and when I set it up, said to install DVDx as well. The only app I've setup to use is Homebrew Browser so far, but it works fine.

    I have the DVD Dumper app on my SD card, but when I hit Load, it just blinks quick and goes back to the same menu. From searching it looks like I need the custom IOS and DVDx to use DVD Dumper. So two questions:

    1. Can someone tell me how I should install the custom IOS? I've googled and got a million different links to a million different file versions and guides that mostly assume I know what the heck wad manager or wii gator do, which I don't fully get just yet.

    2. Homebrew Browser has both DVDx and DVDx 3.4 as options on the Utilities screen. Should I be installing one now? And does that show up as an app on the homebrew channel? (despite saying to install DVDx when I installed the HBC, I don't see it as an available app on the main menu).

    Thanks for the help, and the patience.

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    I'm having the same issue. I installed dvdx when I installed homebrew channel on 4.0u and everything told me it installed correctly. when I try to run any dumping program it says it could not access the dvd drive and I wouldn't have access. but when I try to do the custom IOS 249 (I think thats the one) it cannot install. am I doing something wrong or am I trying to install something that won't work on the 4.0 menu I dunno


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