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Thread: Rock Band instruments on wii from other consoles

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    Rock Band instruments on wii from other consoles

    Hi, i'm new to using the Wiihacks forum. I've been playing rockband ever since it came out, and i love the drums as many people do in the game. i have the cymbols and that stuff for my ps2/3 drums. I have a softmodded wii and i really don't want to get another drum set to play RB on the wii. So is there any way that instruments from other consoles can be made to work on the wii? Like a program or work around or something like that lol thanks for you help

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    What is the connection from the ps3 ones??? are they usb?

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    yea, all my RB ps3 instruments are USB

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    I'm slightly interested in this. I have a wired xplorer for 360. I doubt it's feasible, though.

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