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Thread: Solder splash...

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    Solder splash...

    Ok dumbass here...Just finished the install and bang splashed some solder onto the board like a idiot. Now without any soldering background and no knowledge whatsoever, is there a way to fix this problem? When I boot the Wii up it goes as far as trying to load the disc and then fails. I know it has to do with the splashed solder...any help would be appreciated.

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    get a solder sucker, not sure if thats what they were called but basically you just remelt the solder and it sucks it right off.
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    All fixed now! I used desoldering braid to fix it and it worked nicely.

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    Good news. I knew it could be done!
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    Erm i would have never turned the thing on untill solder had been cleared.

    You where lucky you did not get a short!!
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    Agreed w/ ej2095..I'm just lucky I was able to save it. My wife would've killed me cause I would've made her return it to futureshop.


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