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Thread: WiiKey2 & Wii System Updates

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    WiiKey2 & Wii System Updates

    Hey guys!

    I'm sure that this question has been answered many times in the forum but...

    I recently just installed a WiiKey2 on my D2B drive. The Wii firmware when I installed it was 3.3U and Wii backups ran fine. Today I decided to update my Wii to firmware 4.0U through the Wii system update (not through own region disc update). I tried the same backups and they run fine. Just for clarification, would the 4.0U update have any effect on the chips ability to play backups and function normally?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You should be fine. The Wiikey2 is a drive chip and as such is not affected by the system version. Actually, the brickblocker function of the Wiikey2 is specifically to block out of region system updates while ALLOWING in region updates.
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