I have recently had a wasabi installed in my 3.2E wii. The chip has the latest firmware and has update blocker turned on. I have installed IOS38-64-v3610, IOS53-64-v4113, IOS55-64-v4633, cIOS249_rev9 as well as cIOS38rev13a. I also have the latest version of HBC installed.

Installing the above IOS's/cIOS enabled me to play Boomblox, Tiger Woods 2010, Grand Slam Tennis, and Punch-Out. Before I had installed the IOS's the games would register in the disc channel but when I went to launch them I would get a black screen, the wii would stop responding and would have to be hard powered off.

The problems that I'm still encountering after updating with the above IOs's/cIOS is that Ghostbusters consistently gives a "this disc could not be read" message whenever I try to get in the car to start the first mission.

I am also encountering difficulties with the VC/WiiWare games. I have downloaded the following backups from http://www.mediafire.com/syst3merror - sin and punishment, street fighter 2 turbo, super punch out, world of goo, block breaker deluxe, donkey kong country. All of these are NTSC and have been converted to PAL using WADRegionConverter and have been installed using WAD Manager v1.4. Street Fighter 2, super punch out and donkey kong country don't work. They show up as channels but when I attempt to launch them I get the black screen and the wii freezes.

Any ideas as to what I should do to get the VC games or Ghostbusters to work?? Ghostbusters has been scrubbed and brickblocked and burnt using imgburn at x1 speed.