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Thread: Bricked my wii help!

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    Bricked my wii help!

    Installed a theme and after restarting my wii I just get black screen and no menu screen.

    I realize after that I made a stupid mistake of not installing pre loader or boot mi.

    Wii version 4.0 NTSC and I try the savemii method with the GC and I get to the system menu where at the right bottom shows 4.0(usa). After I tried to load all these autoboot discs but none of them works. I tried the bootmii, UUD, Wad iso, pink disc and nothing. Is my best choice to wait for a new game with new version and see if it works with savemii or my wii is a goner....Thanks

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    Look at the tutorials on this page, their very good actually and I think youŽll find your anwser there!

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    Hmmm, I did and that's the reason I made my post, because I couldn't find an answer. I read the tutorials, but haven't helped me that's the reason I want to know.


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