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Thread: new games wont work on my softmodded wii

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    new games wont work on my softmodded wii

    I have a 3.4u twilight hack and running gamma loader 003 w/002fix and wiigator 0.3( I think). Before I can't play rygar since the screen is blank but someone told me to used 002fix and it work's I played it. but when I tried some other games like cats claw,star wars force,hofd overkill I got a blank screen any more Ideas on what should I use someone say neogamma r4 is it possible anyone help me out thanks in advance.

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    3.4u TPhacked and Gamma should run what u're expecting...
    ....reinstall urIOS+cios may help

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    make some search here only u will find a solution for ur prob...try to see in thread like ghostbuster green screen or indiana many are having same prob on soft chip...


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