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Thread: FEELER: Wii w/WiiKey 1.9 + Accessories

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    FEELER: Wii w/WiiKey 1.9 + Accessories

    Yo, so I realize that my Wii setup is just not getting used and I think an Xbox 360 is much more up my alley. Not saying for sale quite yet, but any thoughts on how much my Wii setup is worth?

    Nintendo Wii w/WiiKey 1.9s
    2 x Wii Controllers
    2 x Nunchuk
    1 x Wii MotionPlus
    2 x Guitar Hero 3 Controllers (work with any Guitar Hero game)
    WiiFit Board
    Dance Dance Revolution Game + Pad
    Mario Kart Wheel
    60 Gb Hard Drive with Games
    ~60 Backed Up Games DVD-R's (name it I probably have it)
    4 Gb SD Card setup for Homebrew

    With time spent on maintaining this setup and materials used (DVD-R's) I am thinking this setup is worth about $750. I think that is a deal too, I know it's a high price, but I estimated this price at about 90% of each piece of hardware. I am trying to be fair.

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    ooh, ur price tag may be valid in Norway/Swedan. affordablely high.
    i guess the pack would be available, in 2nd-hand market, for $300, out of Europe countries.

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    People like round numbers and 500 seems fair. You'll probably be doing well to recoup 50% of your investment but I suppose it's better than nothing. Craigslist in a large market may be the best place to float a higher price just be careful about it.

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    I would be willing to negotiate my system for around $500, or a trade for a 360 setup of equal value.


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