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Thread: Help with making some games work

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    Help with making some games work

    Hi I can't seem to get Punch Out, Tiger Woods PGA 10, and MadWorld to work on my Wii. All my other games work fine but these i can get to show on the channel but then when I play, it goes blank and it forces me to shut down my wii by holding the power button.

    Can anyone help me on getting these to work? I have version 3.2U on a WiiKey 2.

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    plz help...same prob here for indy

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    i fixed it... If anyone wanted to know what i did, i installed those 3 IOS from the tutorials with the wad manager and it worked perfectly.

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    just these 3 ios that's it...??? no neogamma or i don't know what else need to install...i read so much that myself is confused on what should be installed for a modchip to play these games!!

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    Hey there,

    Could you please iether post a link to these tutoirals or let me know what IOS' s you loaded especially for Tiger Woods?

    Thanks in advance.



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