I purchased 3 of these Wasabi Dx to test them in 3 systems

1. LU64 Serial. Downgraded 3.4u to 3.2u Works Flawless
2. LU65 Serial Version 4.0U Works Flawless
3. Old 3.2U Full Homebrew Works Flawless

All with 2.0Beta Firmware

I have every single game in existance for Wii and Gamecube I have gotten them to work just perfect on all 3 systems. The LU64/LU65 systems I was able to use a custom downgrader ( I know you shouldn't ) Install the Homebrew channel with twilight. Able to install all wads and ios's except for the opera internet browser.

I can't get the game cube multi boot rom pack to work on any system. They all get to system emulator select which only shows Super Nes. Push A on that . then black screen forever....

I havn't found any defects with this product after a month of pretty non-stop use by groups of 8 year old kids.