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Thread: Dump to SD card in Parts?

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    Dump to SD card in Parts?

    So the only way I have been able to 100% get Wii games to dump correctly is to dump to the SD card. I have 2 SD cards I switch back and forth while it dumps to separate parts. Well I am pretty sure I put the wrong card back in before taking the part 4 ISO off of it. I think that the next part 5 overwrote it.

    My question: can I set up the dump but skip to just the part I need? i.e. part #4. It takes so friggin long I don't really want to do the whole thing again. Any options?

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    Well, if you have the Homebrew Channel installed, which you mostly do, you could always get an External Hard Drive and use the Wii USB Loader and dump them. Today I dumped Mario Galaxy in just 10mins.

    Then you can use the WBFS Manager to extract the ISOs, then burn them to a dvd.

    Hope this helps!

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    When you have an external hard drive it has to be empty correct? because it has to be formatted a certain way?

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    It has to be formatted to wbfs, which can easily be done in the USB Loader app, or with the WBFS Manager. I suggest you Partition your external drive before continuing, so you still have a storage device and not just a Wii ISO storage device.

    go there for proper instructions on how to install USB Loader!

    Note: Please only backup YOUR games, as there is a "link" in the article that searches for "piracy."

    Glad I could help!!!!!!!!!!
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