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Thread: Do I upgrade or can I scrub it?

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    Do I upgrade or can I scrub it?

    I have a UK Wii, D2Pro + Wii Clip with 1.6 firmware (no homebrew). Currently all my backups work fine but I recently tried to backup 'Marble Challenge' but when I tried to scrub it using RegionFrii & WiiBrickBlocker but it failed so I still tried to run it. Once it was read by my Wii it showed that I needed to upgrade my Wii firmware from 3.4 ... i didn't proceed.

    Can I scrub this backup (remove the update) and still run it without upgrading (maybe they is a new WiiBrickBlocker out there)?
    Shall I accept the upgrade?
    What effect will this have?
    Would I still be able to play my backups?
    Will my modchip block this upgrade (should I upgrade my modchip to FW 1.7 1st)?
    Am I stuck with only being able to play my old backups only?


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    Not sure what it updated but I still had 3.4E after updating with this disc a while back and I had no homebrew at the time. It also refused to budge until I updated. Maybe it needed to update an IOS rather than the whole system menu.

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    Interesting ... i might wait to here if anymore have updated with the new Wii update and have the d2pro installed to see what effects it has on their Wii.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    I would update to 1.7 to activate the blocker feature, but chances are it needs to update something related to that game ios
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    Using Modchip It is ok to UPdate from GAME....IF...

    If your wii and your game is from the same region..and it wants to is ok to do so...and your game will play

    If your wii and your game is from DIFFERENT regions..and it wants to is NOT ok to do so...and your game update will "Brick" or "semi-Brick" your wii

    if you remove the update with wbb or another prog.... it will not have the update required to play that game

    if you have some HB installed..some HB may not work afterwards
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