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    Hey, a guy on a different site told me about this site and it'll really help since I have a Wiikey.
    I hope to become a regular member of this site.
    For now, I have a lot of questions on Wiikey (if you have one please help me out).
    So I updated to 3.0 and now my config disc doesn't work anymore, where is the download for the new config disc?
    Also, where can I find Wiikey updates? I know that you can now play DVDs and such, but I don't have that download.
    Anything else would be nice.

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    wiikey updates can be downloaded from the official website at :: Official Site of the WiiKey Modchip under the resources section, the latest version is 1.9b which has now been officially proven stable by

    To turn the update into a bootable disc for your wii you must......

    1. Download from the files 'update1.9b' and 'config.1.3'
    2. extract these files.
    3. open the folder 'config.1.3' and copy the file 'filechop'
    4. Paste 'filechop' into the folder 'update1.9b'
    5. Click on 'start' then 'run'.
    6. click on 'browse' and find the folder 'update1.9b'
    7. double click on 'filechop'
    8. In the open text field, you should see something similar to this.
    "C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Desktop\update1.9b\filechop.exe"
    9. add this to the end of the text. wkupdate.1.9b.xx.iso 1459978240 (were there is 'xx' put your region. For example. wkupdate.1.9b.PAL.iso 1459978240)
    10. The text in the field should now look something like this.
    "C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Desktop\update1.9b\filechop.exe" wkupdate.1.9b.PAL.iso 1459978240
    11. Hit 'OK' The size of your iso file should have changed now to the size of a gamecube disc which is now bootable.

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    Also, do you know any good torrent sites?

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    erm is absoluty amazing, every wii game on there at fast speeds. Problem is you can only sign up to the site via an invite and they seem to be like gold dust these days. I would send an invite however i am no longer a member due to my accounts inactivity as a result of travelling around europe

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    All right.
    Well if anyone has an invite please send it to me, and then I'll send it to you.


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