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Thread: Majoras mask vc doesnt work

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    Majoras mask vc doesnt work

    Anyone know why my Majoras mask VC game wont work. I got a copy off Mininova and did all the stuff that i was supposed to. It even came up on the wii homepage. Only problem is, when I try playing it my Character can't run.

    I don't know if its something i did or just the wad

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    If the wad was broken you'd probably not be able to load the game at all and you could even have been the proud owner of a semi-bricked Wii.

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    I don't know. I checked again and the comments under the wad said that it could be glitchy with NTSC wii. another thing is that all the other games i play work perfect, even the ones that I used home brew to get.


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