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Thread: OMG!!! Is it just me, or is...

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    OMG!!! Is it just me, or is...

    USB Loader FASTER at ripping games then it is "downloading" them? (Downloading them through the Wii, of course.)

    It copied Mario Galaxy in 10 mins

    I stop ripping games via the http server...... NOW! USB is much faster!

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    Copied Hamster heros in 38 secs.

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    I backuped 90% of my game collection last night. I'm suprized that nintendo would make some of their Wii games, including some well known games, very small in size.

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    its always been crap over network, and raw dump.

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    You haven't been keeping up with the mods, it's been like that since USB loader release in April. Minutes compared to hours, and no more burning discs either.

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    Oh, it released in April? I though it got released in May.

    The great thing about it is no more burning discs. I proabaly have 30+ Mario Kart's, from testing Texture Hacks. Now that I got USB Loader, I can let those discs collect dust. To bad I can't re-format them, stupid DVD-R!


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