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Thread: Flash in the Web Browser

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    Smile Flash in the Web Browser

    Hey guys,

    So, I was using Opera, and I was disappointed that for most objects online, flash is not installed. Luckily, youtube works automatically it seems like.

    But I was wondering, anyone know how I can get flash running on there? I want to view flash games and such. o-o

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    I think the flash plug in is a simplified version for playback only. From what I know most games that use just the mouse should work fine. Games that require a keyboard wont work.

    Heres some sites of 'converted' games or wii-compatible games

    Wii Flash Games - WiiPlayable
    WiiArcade | Play Free Wii Flash Games
    Mii Wii Games

    you can also google " wii flash games " and go through that list

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    good enough for me. I'll have to remember those.

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    The problem with the Wii browser is that the flash version of the plugin is outdated, and ALOT of video websites don't offer content in older flash versions. If anyone knows how to update it, that'd be AWESOME to know.

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    install the new version of the opera browser maybe? has newer flash.


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